Intune App Protection Policies

Your employees use mobile devices for both personal and work tasks. While making sure your employees can be productive, you also want to prevent data loss, intentional and unintentional. In addition, you want to have the ability to protect company data accessed using devices even in the case where they are not managed by you.

You can use Intune app protection policies to help protect your company’s data. Because Intune app protection policies can be used independent of any mobile-device management (MDM) solution, you can use it to protect your company’s data with or without enrolling devices in a device management solution. By implementing app-level policies, you can restrict access to company resources and keep data within the purview of your IT department.

Intune: set compliance by location of the device

Intune now offers the possibility to set compliance of an Android device, based on the IP address of the device. If the device moves outside the IP range, then the device cannot access corporate resources.

Have a look at my video that shows how to create such a compliance policy and what it will look like for the end user.

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