How It’s Made

Don’t you just love this TV-series How it’s made? where they explain how aluminum foil, electrical wires, combination locks and dishwashers are made? I know I do 🙂

Often I’m asked “what I use” to create my blog. Well, have a look:

  • Server: a virtual Windows Server 2016 (hosted by TransIP)
  • Webserver: IIS10 with PHP
  • Blog software: WordPress
  • Video capturing & editing: Camtasia 2018
  • iOS capturing: LonelyScreen
  • Audio recording & editing: Audacity 2.2.2
  • Devine Broadcasting Kit for narration recording
  • O365 / Azure demo tenant with O365 and EMS E5-licenses
  • Windows Server 2016 AD Domain Controller with AAD Connect (hosted in Azure)
  • Several Windows 10 clients (Hyper-V on my local laptop)
  • PowerPoint and Paint.NET for some basic graphics
  • NotePad++ for PowerShell and coding
  • Modern Workplace TV Video Intro: Renderforest
  • Background music: Bensound
  • SSL Certificates by DigiCert through Xolphin and LetsEncrypt
  • Auto-renewal of certificates with Win-ACME by Wouter Tinus