Azure AD B2B Support for Google Identities

A long awaited feature in Azure AD B2B has become available in Public Preview: it is now possible to add Google as an identity provider for B2B guest users! This means, you can invite guest users from outside your company using their GMail-account.

Enabling Google federation makes your invited Gmail user’s experience more seamless. After you have set up B2B Google federation for your organization, invited Gmail users can use their Google identity to sign in and collaborate. They no longer need to create an Azure AD account or Microsoft Account to access the apps and resources you’re sharing with them!

To get this to work, there’s a number of steps that you need to take, which are thoroughly documented on Docs. Let’s see what it looks like:

Important note: at this moment there’s support only for Google ID’s with the extension.

Read all about this new feature in Alex Simons’ blog. Full documentation can be found on Microsoft Docs.